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  • Video is increasingly becoming the preferred form of media for most companies.  With everything from banner ads to web pages using video to get a point across, it is integrating itself into almost all forms.  MBI Studios can create any type of video production you may need.  Whether it’s a corporate video, educational video, music video, short film, independent film, documentary or commercial, we can help.

    The most powerful form of media on the horizon is “viral video.”  What is viral video?  Imagine creating a video that captures an audience to a point that they share it with their family, friends and colleagues.  This video then spreads from one place to another without the cost of additional ad-spend.  Thus giving your company more bang for the buck.  Also, imagine this video never stopping.  The great thing about this type of media is that it’s always there.  It doesn’t end when your budget does!

    This is what MBI Studios specializes in… Viral Video!  We create things that people like and share.  Maybe it’s a special effect and/or the video’s comedic value?  Maybe it’s the heart-renching message?  Whatever your message is, we can shape into a form that grabs people’s attention and touches them in a way that makes them want to share.

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