May 12th, 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a vital part of any marketing strategy. SEO pulls together every aspect of your business online.  Your website structure, title & metadata, social media/social networking, blog, feeds, articles, press releases, bookmarks, links, etc.  All of these  contribute to the effectiveness of your SEO experience.

Your SEO strategy should be looked at as a never-ending process.  Each step needs to be analyzed and adjusted on an ongoing basis to maximize your businesses effectiveness in organic searches.


The reason for this is that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc., are constantly adjusting their formulas for how to rank websites.

How do they rank websites?  Each Search Engine sends out bots that crawl websites for information.  In doing so, they calculate the popularity of each individual site based on things like content, links and activity level.

How can you increase your SEO rankings?  First, you must understand where you need to be.  What keywords are searched most to find your products and/or services?  Which websites should you create profiles on?  Once this is known, you need to get a feel for how your competitors are utilizing SEO in their marketing strategy.  After this, you need to create a plan that outlines the best possible way to beat your competition in the SEO game.

Can you guarantee 1st place in search engine rankings?  No!  Anyone who says that they can guarantee rankings is not shooting you straight! RUN! There is no exact science in SEO.  Your best option is to adopt as many positive SEO tools and habits as possible.  Don’t focus on being number one, focus on creating the best possible SEO strategy.

How do you get started? Contact us and we can begin the process of figuring out what options will work best for your business, based on your current structure.  We will help create the best possible SEO strategy.  A strategy focused on improving traffic to and direct contacts from your website.  This will lead to increased client interaction and ultimately to a positive increase in your bottom line!


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