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  • The face of marketing has changed drastically over the past ten years.  Traditional media is being replaced by social, digital and viral at an increasingly rapid pace.  An example of this is pay-per-click.  Only a few short years ago, pay-per-click was considered the future of advertising.  Now, some experts are saying, this type of media is on it’s way out.  How to keep up?

    At My Big Imagination Studios we work diligently to keep up with what types of media are on the forefront and how they can benefit each of our clients.  We believe that all media has it’s place and, dependent on the business, can be effective.  But how to get the perfect mix?  This is the big question.

    First, we feel the most important thing is to understand all possible options.  This is the hard part for the average business.  How do you know/understand all possibilities?  Next, how do you get the correct media-mix?  This is all based on target audience. MBI Studios has experience dealing with all types of media.  Whether it’s traditional, social, viral and/or digital, we can answer the questions you have and point you in the correct direction.  We can help you get started with these and teach you techniques that will assist you in your goals.

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