My Big Imagination Studios is a full service video production, graphic design and marketing firm based in the Raleigh North, Carolina area.  We have the ability to accomplish any need you may have.  Whether it be building a website, increasing site traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), implementing a Social Media strategy, producing a professional video production/viral video production and/or re-vamping your image.

Our company motto is to always think outside the box and stay one step ahead of the trends.  As an example, Social media is changing the way the world communicates.  With the ease of social interaction today, a one-minute “viral” video can be seen millions of times without the added expense of high dollar traditional marketing.  Sometimes you need a push from ad-spend, and this is normal, but having a truly “viral” piece of media can catapult your company onto a much bigger stage.

This is where MBI Studios comes into play.  We specialize in creating products that people talk about and share with friends, family and colleagues.  Things that grab your target audiences attention! With this stated, we love viral media! Why?  Because what you spend on production will save you on advertising dollars.  Plus, with viral media, your production “never” stops working for you. A strong viral campaign can work for you indefinitely.  Long past the money you spent to push media for the length of the average advertising campaign.

Please take a moment to contact us and learn more about how we can help you!